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Bathroom follies

Staff Writer

Published: Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Updated: Wednesday, March 30, 2011 19:03


Normally in restrooms closed stall doors, sinks and hand driers are the only things to see.  For some unfortunate individuals they might get an extra view of another occupant through a broken, unable to be closed, stall door.

Just a quick walk through campus shows a sign of neglect in both the male and female restrooms. On the first floor of SUL, there are four broken, if not entirely unusable, stall doors in the women's restroom.

A less pressing, yet strange, issue is the lopsidedness of some of the bathrooms. While many of them are equal, with male and female bathrooms having roughly the same number of stalls available for use, there are some areas where it is not the case.

One such case in Gyte, the women's restrooms have three or four stalls and the men's have seven. A more pressing case is the top floor of Gyte, where there is a men's restroom, but no woman's until you go on the other side of the building into another hallway to another pair of bathrooms.

The damages range from minor to major. Some latches are merely unable to reach the lock, while others are missing their latch entirely. Many doors are missing their hooks, while some of the doors have small holes where equipment has been moved off the walls.

Whether or not these rooms are inspected by maintenance is unknown.

 Karen Sullivan, associate director of facilities operations, was contacted and unable to locate the requested information at the time of printing. Sullivan said Paul Pratt, associate director for engineering facilities, would have the information but he was out of town.

 Aaron Evans, assistant director of facilities maintenance, said he saw no issues reported in their systems regarding the bathroom doors.

Whether or not facilities inspects the rooms, students have a way of informing them of when a repair is necessary, Aaron said. 

"Our campus has a maintenance work order system for anyone to use," Evans said, "If someone observes an issue anywhere on campus that requires maintenance they may report it using the facilities work order system."



How to inform the facility department of repairs needed:





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