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“It’s later than you think”

Published: Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Updated: Tuesday, February 28, 2012 18:02

The issue: PUC offers several options to jumpstart student's careers

Our stance: Don't wait until you're forced out into the real world to think about your future

With the economy on the mend and jobs still scarcer than gold in the 1850's, there is no better time to start thinking about post-college life than now. Waiting until after graduation to start hitting the pavement armed with portfolios and resumes puts new graduates at a significant disadvantage, as they leave the relative safety of college life and enter the competitive and cutthroat real world. For every shining accomplishment and sterling GPA that grace an applicant's cover letter, there are dozens of equally qualified competitors lurking around every corner.

Thankfully, PUC has any number of programs and services available to help students prepare for their futures. As mentioned in Andrea Drac's article, "Career Services puts students first" on pg. 1, The Career Services Center on campus offers a wealth of practical assistance in matching students with jobs in their perspective fields.

While just knowing these options are available can be a comforting thought, there really is no reason not to take advantage of them. Even students who are several dozen credit hours shy of a diploma can benefit from an on-campus job, especially one that is related to the focus of their degree.  

In addition to the various internships and resume assistance offered, an on-campus job can give students a taste of what is to come while still receiving their education. A job in the library or even Chartwell's may not be the glamorous future we all have planned, but they do provide essential life experience in a time when it is needed most. Another benefit is that you can build a reputation as a hardworking and responsible young adult, a fact that does not go unnoticed. A good reputation goes a long way on campus, and building a rapport with staff and professors can open some pretty surprising doors. And, hey, realistically, we could all use a bit of extra cash.

But work and grades are not the only things that make a resume shine. Extracurricular activities and organizations can also go a long way toward making you stand out in a pile of job applications. Institutions such as the Student Government Association and even The Chronicle (now accepting applications) can show potential employers that your time at PUC was spent in the pursuit of more than just a degree.

Despite how certain classes may seem, our time here at PUC is incredibly brief. A little procrastinating as a first-year freshman may be fine, but the last thing any of us want is to wake up the day after graduation and discover we have shortchanged ourselves. Sometimes, the difference between a career and a McJob is one unplaced phone call.

For more information on career services, visit read Andrea Drac's article.

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